🐾 "I think Spencer's Paw treats are more effective than rymadol and more comfortable than tramadol. Its the first time I have been able to evaluate closely. I am supper impressed with your product!" -Marney


🐾 "Milo is doing great! We have used Spencer's Paw a couple times at onset and we've noticed a good difference. (Milo has anxiety) We also have a 14 year old dog and gave some to her for her arthritis and it helped her too! Thank you!"  -Lexi

Milo and friend ❤️

🐾 "Taj turnes 15 today, thanks to his treats!"  -Sue

Taj ❤️

🐾 "Our pup Marley is a 13 year old cattle dog and your treats keep her eating. She has a myriad of health issues and Spencer's Paw treats really help keep her from loosing more weight. She is down to around 40 pounds. I split the treats in half when I feed her to keep her appetite up."  -Don

🐾 "Spencer's Paw treats have helped our 11 year old pup, Calvin, reclaim his old self! He started doing things again that I had forgotten he used to do. From running in the field to simply jumping up on the bed to snuggle in the mornings. These are behaviors I haven't seen in a couple years! Heather has been incredible to work with and was very understanding of our "take it slow" approach. We highly recommend these treats! Our only regret is that we didn't start years ago!"  -Mike 

Mr Calvin Wiggles ❤️

 🐾 "Spencer's Paw Treats have made our big ol Budda dog happier and more playful! We totally see a difference! Budda is GOOD! Thanks Spencer's Paw, we are all in." -Kristen


🐾 "Colby is a ten year old lab mix rescue from Puerto Rice. She has suffered from anxiety and fear based aggression much of her life. She is happiest spending time with her moms swimming, hiking, walking and running. Within the past year she started limping after long hikes and swims. We would carry her at night, up the stairs to bed. Then came the magic of Spencer's Paw! After only two weeks of a nightly 30mg treat, Colby is noticeably more calm and we have been on 5+ mile hikes and runs and no limping!! These treats are a miracle and we couldn't recommend them enough." -Sara


🐾 "Thanks Heather! And thanks for what you do!!! Spencer's Paw is truly the only thing that helps Keegan during a thunderstorm." -Lorie

Keegan ❤️

🐾 "Ellie loves her Spencer's Paw Treats! She has really bad anxiety attacks whenever too many loud appliances are running. Dish washer, laundry, shower, and Spencer's Paw makes her calm and relaxed. We both love them!"  -Carson

Ellie ❤️

 🐾 "It was about ten months ago when we learned that Sadie had cancer. Our vet told us with this particular kind of fast growing and unnoticeable until too late type, that she had weeks maybe months left to live. We opted for surgery to buy us some time. And at the same time we learned about Spencer's Paw CBD Dog Treats. I contacted Heather immediately. Sadie started her two, 30mg treats a day regimen. That was ten months ago. Not only does Sadie love her treats, we have seen noticeable improvements in her arthritis and energy levels. Her appetite and overall health have improved. While she still has cancer, I believe these treats have slowed the growth and spread of the cancer cells. She is a happier pup! They are delicious! I know because I have bite of each one before giving them to her. They are human grade, organic, and filled with love. I am forever grateful to have these treats to ease her pain, as our 14 year old love of our lives and best dog ever! Thank you Heather for all you have done for our Sadie."  -Kristine


 🐾. "Our Spencer's Paw Treats arrived and you are so sweet to include extras. I wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. My boyfriend and I were in Telluride over New Years this year and discovered your product. We brought some home for our eight year old -who had developed quite the limp and we thought they could help. Well, when we got home, the limp had gotten worse and we learned it was a massive tumor. Turns out she has a pretty aggressive cancer. She is getting her leg amputated tomorrow as part of her treatment. Which is totally scary. But, I spoke with a pet psychic/communicator. She told me that Delilah LOVES the CBD treats we had gotten her, and that she would very much like more. They have 100 percent helped with her pain and spirits. I cannot thank you enough for them. I am sure they will play a huge roll in her recovery."  -Melinda

Delilah ❤️

🐾 "My dog Kena loves her Spencer's Paw Treats! I began giving them to her after a minor surgery and they helped her to calm down when she was uncomfortable. She is sensitive to loud noises so I look forward to using them this summer during thunder storms and on the forth of July." -Emma

Kena ❤️

 🐾 "Weather I am catching my frisbee or chasing the magpies nothing keeps me going farther and faster than Spencer's Paw Treats! A few months of enjoying these delicious and nutritious treats I am back to swimming and jumping as if I were a pup again. And lets not forget all the compliments I have been getting about my glowing coat and how happy and smiley I have been in the past few months. Thank you Spencer's Paw for allowing me to enjoy these days with ease in these beautiful mountains. I love you guys!" -Taj

Taj ❤️ (13 years young)

 🐾 "Wally absolutely loves her Spencer's Paw Treats. We have seen a definite improvement in her anxiety and general agitation since we have started. We love how these treats are helping her!" -Megan


 🐾 "Gunner, who is 12, has had a very active lifestyle, which caught up with him all at once. I have reluctantly used rimadyl, and have tried other cbd products as well, both with decent results. But none compare to Spencers Paw. Since Gunner has been on a daily regiment, his spirit, disposition, and activity level have all bounced back dramatically. His coat is shiny and healthy and he is just an all around happier dog." -Chris

 🐾 “Our dog, Red, is 15 and absolutely loves Spencer’s Paw Treats. She is quite arthritic and has had digestive issues with pain medications, but the CBD in your treats has made her hungry and begging for food - which hasn't happened in a long time.  She has even become spry enough to be a bit playful! Thank you for your treats! We are really looking forward to them.” -Kate

 🐾 “Kaia has improved in situations that cause her anxiety and nervousness. I’m glad I decided to get them for her, I will be ordering more!” -Sonja

 🐾 "By the way, Babbs is having another great day! Chewing on bones and begging. Pete thinks it's your treats, she doesn't seem stiff today!" -Caron

 🐾 "Babbs had another great day! She dug for toys in her basket with excitement and walked around the block with the whole family. Your treats are amazing. Totally noticing a difference!" -Caron


 🐾 "These treats are delicious, we both indulged. Spirit is usually kind of picky when it comes to dog treats but she scarfed those down! I love that they are gluten-free." -Kaytlyn

 🐾 "Spencer's Paw Treats are amazing! They are made by hand and are good enough for humans to eat. Some people do! Our dog Jade loves them. Heather is amazing and is someone who really knows dogs. I highly recommend Spencer's Paw CBD Dog Treats to anyone who loves their pup!" -Aja

Ms Jade ❤️

 🐾 "Our beloved Golden Retriever Marty suffered from arthritis as a relatively young dog. We tried going the pharmaceutical route first with her and it seem to relieve the symptoms for a time. Eventually we noticed that her mood and disposition seem to change. We didn't really know what it was until we found Spencer's Paw treats.  Almost as soon as we started giving Marty the treats she showed a dramatic improvement. Her pain was controlled and we were able to take her off of the pharmaceuticals and her sunny disposition returned. She was wagging her tail again! We kept Marty on Spencer's Paw treats through til the very end of her life. We can all say a huge thank you to Heather and Spencer's Paw treats for giving Marty relief from her constant pain and allowing her to run and play up until the end!" -Julie

Marty ❤️

 🐾 "These are the best CBD dog treats that we have encountered. Made with very high quality organic ingredients. Bear loves them! And humans love them too! I felt like I was getting sick the other day and I ate 3 30 mg treats in hopes it would ward off my cold. By the end of the day I felt great and the swelling in my glands went had gone down." -Dahlia


 🐾 "These CBD treats are da bomb! Made by hand with high quality organic ingredients. Made for dogs and humans love them too… Just ask mom!"



 🐾 "We go to this beach at least two times a week and I stare at her, noticing her walk, her energy and her curiosity, constantly wondering if today's the day. Not today! Today my 15-year-old beauty who has a tumor on her spleen, swam after sticks and played with the dogs much younger. She is on 20 to 30 mg of Spencer's Paw CBD Dog Treats every day and I swear by them. The longer you give these treats to your loved ones the more you notice the effects. Eased anxiety, decrease pain, calm the body. Did I mention that their also so tasty and healthy that I eat one daily as well." -Caron Morse on Babbs

Babbs ❤️

 🐾 "My husband and I went on a two week backpacking trip in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. We took our sweet pup, Elwood, with us. Elwood has had a limp in his front leg for months and despite x-rays we have been unable to figure out what is wrong. It really doesn't slow him down so we decided to take him. He carried a back pack with 6 days worth of food. We thought we should do all we could to help him with that limp so I reached out to Heather at Spencer's Paw about her CBD dog treats. I decided on 10mg twice a day. They were made fresh the day before we left. Elwood just loves the heart shaped treats. They were his morning and evening appetizer for the 12 nights we were in the backcountry. Despite hiking an average of 10 miles a day in sand, on slickrock and wading in creeks Elwood had no limp the entire time we were gone. Spencer's Paw treats worked wonders!! I highly recommend them." -Jenna