Why CBD?

Is your dog stiff after long hikes? Is he or she anxious by nature, or do they experience separation anxiety? Has your dog just had surgery and in a bit of pain? Is your friend fighting cancer? Or are you just looking to maintain a state of wellbeing for your pup? If yes to any of these questions, CBD can help. Spencer's Paw uses a very high quality, full spectrum CBD. 

CBD is scientifically known and researched, revealing its healing powers right before our eyes! I started making these treats for Spencer to help fight his cancerous mass tumors and with the help of CBD he lived a very comfortable and active three and a half more years.

CBD slows the growth of cancer cells by blocking their ability to create energy. CBD also helps with inflammation and pain, and is an appetite stimulant. CBD promotes heart health, it's used to treat seizures, it restores healthy gut function, and helps with spine and nerve issues. The list goes on! Please do research, and you too will find its proven and scientific nonpsychoactive benefits.

All information on this website is not intended to be professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All images and text is simply for general information purpose only.